PlayStation Gift Card Customization Site

I Had No Idea PlayStation Had a Cool Gift Card System

Did you know you can send family and friends cool customized PlayStation gift cards when you purchase PlayStation Store credit? Neither did I. Usually, I slap the code into a WhatsApp text and say “happy birthday. Don’t buy trash”. However, Sony actually has a pretty cool gift card portal site where you can take your store voucher card and personalise it to your liking.

The site is simply named and offers a wide range of cool ways to make the credit more than just some boring 12-digit code. Not only can you take an existing 12-digit code and spruce it up, but the landing page also has direct links to your local retailers depending on your region. For example, here in South Africa, clicking on the “Buy PlayStation Gift Card” button pulls up the likes of Nexus Hub, BT Games and other stores that sell codes.

Using the website is pretty simple. You just need to have your 12-digit code available. You’ll first select the card design you’re going for. There are card styles for PlayStation Plus, birthdays, Christmas, general gifting and even some PlayStation mascot cards.

Once you select a style, the next page will ask for the code and the amount the code is for. Once done, you’ll then be able to type out a special message to the recipient. There are only 400 characters so you’ll have to keep it short and sweet.

PlayStation Gift Card Customization Site

On the next page, you’ll then get a preview of your gift card and ways to share it. You can save it as a PDF, print it out and even fold the print in a certain way to represent a cool PlayStation gift card. If you wanted to, going the extra level and using cardboard paper would really make this the most premium way to gift this.

You can also cheap out and send the card via email or WhatsApp. If that’s the case, you’ll then get a customized link which you can send to the person. This link opens up to the digital gift card you created with the code and instructions to redeem it.

I have no idea why Sony hasn’t marketed this cool portal before. I have sent countless PlayStation Store credit codes in the past and had to find creative ways to do so. This site offers a cool way to instantly create a heartwarming message to the end user and beats a basic email and text. Check out the site here.

PlayStation Gift Card Customization Site

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