Hideo Kojima Horror Game Overdose Images Leaked

Images for New Hideo Kojima Horror Game, Overdose, Leak Online

Hideo Kojima is cryptically teasing his next game currently in development at Kojima Productions. So far, we know it will star Hollywood actress Elle Fanning but beyond that, we don’t even have a title yet. However, some new images have seemingly leaked online showing what appears to be his rumoured horror game, Overdose, starring Death Stranding actress Margaret Qualley.

The images for Overdose first appeared on private Discord servers before being grabbed by a Polish website called ppe.pl. For various reasons, we will not be providing a link to these images. They’re very low quality (presumably taken on either a very old phone or a potato) and only show Qualley holding a flashlight and exploring what appears to be a gloomy room or corridor.

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Tom Henderson, the first person to leak Overdose after having reportedly seen some early footage of the game, corroborated these image leaks by stating that it’s similar to the footage he saw before.

That begs the question whether the new game that Kojima Productions is teasing (starring Fanning) is actually Overdose or another project entirely. Since Norman Reedus accidentally leaked the existence of Death Stranding 2, fans believe that the cryptic posters being posted by Kojima is actually for that sequel and not the leaked horror project. On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that Overdose could be the mysterious unannounced Xbox game that Kojima is confirmed to be working on too.

Kojima is no stranger to the horror genre, having developed the acclaimed horror demo P.T. that would’ve eventually became Silent Hills had it not been canned by Konami. He seems to have a fondness for horror, so it would make sense that he’d return to the genre.

In related news, Hideo Kojima recently addressed the conspiracies surrounding Abandoned on his latest podcast episode featuring Geoff Keighley, calling the debacle a “nuisance” when fans kept sending him deep fake images of Blue Box Game Studios’ founder Hasan Kahraman.

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