Immortals: Fenyx Rising “A New God” DLC Release Date and Trophies Leaked
Immortals: Fenyx Rising A New God DLC
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Last year, Ubisoft announced a handful of DLC for the awesome Immortals: Fenyx Rising. The Season Pass will include three story-driven DLC campaigns including a whole story arc based on a Chinese mythological island. The first DLC is said to be a challenge-based content pack where the Gods, which players save during the main campaign, set up trials for Fenyx to complete.


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Immortals: Fenyx Rising – A New God follows Fenyx as they undertake the Trial of the Olympians. This is a series of challenges hosted by the various gods players meet throughout the main game. Ubisoft describes them as “new types of puzzles set against the stunning backdrop of the home of the Greek Gods, Olympos”. At the end of it all, players will then face Zeus himself.

While Ubisoft has yet to announce a release date for the DLC, a Nintendo eShop store listing claims the DLC will release on 21 January 2021. Users also spotted a handful of trophies online. These listings hint at new possible gear, new blessings and abilities players can obtain during the trials.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising A New God DLC

Expect the official announcement from Ubisoft in the next few days as the studio prepares to release the Immortals: Fenyx Rising A New God DLC on 21 January 2021. If you have not jumped into the game yet, I think you should. The game is one of 2020’s hidden gems and anyone who enjoys exploring an open world while bashing around enemies and solving puzzles will love it. You can read my full review of the game here.






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