Immortals of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum Studio Left With Roughly 20 Staff Members

The studio behind the Immortals of Aveum game, Ascendant Studios, is running on skeleton staff. Shortly after the game launched back in August 2023, the studio let go of roughly 45% of its workforce. During the game’s peak development, the studio housed around 100 staff members and within weeks of the game’s launch, this dropped down to 40-45 staff.

A new report claims further layoffs have now hit Ascendant Studios with another 30 staff members being let go in the past week. The report claims that only around 20 staff are now on the payroll.

Immortals of Aveum just recently launched as part of the PlayStation Plus April lineup with the promise of FSR 3 being added in the weeks ahead. The report claims that all FSR 3 development for the game has since been outsourced to an external studio, Enduring Games. The patch is still in development and planned for launch soon.

As to what Ascendant Studios is working on, we don’t know. With 20 staff members around, the studio has likely dropped all major projects in the pipeline. It could be that Ascendant Studios has downsized while it cooks up its next project and will likely hire staff as development grows. However, that seems unlikely.

With recent studio closures and layoffs hitting the video game industry, it seems Ascendant Studios has become another statistic. The studio was founded by ex-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare veteran Bret Robbins back in 2018.

Sadly, it seems that even these “veteran-founded” studios only last around five years. With the current video game climate, a studio has a single opportunity to release a good game. If that doesn’t work, it spells bad news for the staff.

I reviewed Immortals of Aveum at launch and thought it was a good game. The mix of action and spellcraft was a unique take on the genre. While the combat did get a little tedious, the game was a technological showcase for Unreal Engine 5 on its own.

Source: Reddit

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