Pokemon Wiglett Plushie Nintendo

In Wiglett’s Case Not All Pokémon Should Become Plushies

The internet has collectively raised an eyebrow at the latest Pokémon plush to hit the market. The Pokémon Company recently released a Wiglett plush on its official Pokémon Center store as part of its Violet and Scarlet merch – and it’s exactly the type of thing that you need to do a double-take on.

Wiglett, not to be confused with the harder ground-based Diglett, is a water-type Pokémon that measures around 10 1/4 inches long (a lot of emphasis was oddly put on size in the marketing). This new plush is not only accurate to the simple yet remarkably suggestive design of Wiglett but it’s also life-sized. If you really want to buy a Wiglett plush for scientific reasons, it’s currently available at $24.99 on the Pokémon Center store right here.

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Since this is the internet, you bet that fans were armed and ready to drop some heated commentary. Over on Twitter user Wario64’s post, fans offered some valuable insight and questions about the product. “Does it vibrate?” wrote one user. “Yo, why did my mom order 3 of these? She doesn’t even like Pokémon,” wrote another.

Pokemon Wiglett Plushie Nintendo

Other comments respectfully ask if any ceramic or plastic versions will become available in the future (all asking for friends, of course). Someone else appears to be having a rough love life, stating, “everything reminds me of her…”  Most fans seem to agree that The Pokémon Company knows exactly what it’s doing and we kind of agree.

At 10 1/4 inches long, it’s quite a big package. Some fans think that 5-6 inches might’ve been sufficient enough. It’s pretty hard to gauge if this Pokémon will end up selling well as a plush but Wiglett actually has interesting lore. Found burrowing into beaches, they’re often seen off the shore by travelling sea men and possess a keen sense of smell for detecting dangerous Pokémon nearby.

One commenter pointed out that the plush might be a good companion piece while playing Baldur’s Gate 3. We can’t possibly imagine why.

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