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Insider Suggests More Bloodborne is Coming

Former IGN journalist and industry insider Colin Moriarty has claimed that Sony isn’t done with Bloodborne just yet. The critically acclaimed action-RPG by From Software released as a PS4 exclusive back in 2015, with rumours about a sequel, remaster/remake or PC port only escalating in the last few years.

Speaking on his recent video ranking the 25 best PS4 games, Moriarty ended his #9 spot about Bloodborne by stating “You haven’t seen the last of Bloodborne. I’ll tell you that.” Moriarty previously leaked information about the Demon’s Souls remake at Bluepoint Games well before its announcement too.

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It seems like we’re hitting at least one new Bloodborne rumour a month at this rate. The dark fantasy RPG is still beloved by many fans hoping for a continuation, remaster or PC port. The game apparently sold well above Sony’s expectations when it launched. According to sales, it currently sits at around 2 million copies sold.

Moriarty’s recent claim contradicts another well-known insider, Omnipotent, who stated in February this year that there currently weren’t any Bloodborne-related projects in the works at Sony – at least that they’re aware of. As such, this has created a divide in the community about who to trust, though when it comes to supposed insider information, we recommend taking all of it with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, From Software is currently enjoying the massive success of their latest game, Elden Ring. Not only is it the highest-rated game of 2022 so far, but it also sold well over 12 million copies in just a few weeks, according to publisher Bandai Namco.

If you ask us, Sony would be foolish not to capitalise on the success of Elden Ring as they still hold the Bloodborne IP and could employ From Software to make the long-awaited sequel. However, other reports suggest that a sequel is already in development at Bluepoint Games, though we’ll let you decide what to believe.

Bloodborne is currently available on PS4.

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Source: Colin Moriarty

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