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Intel Shows Off a Genuine ARC GPU at IEM 2022

The rare, almost fictitious Intel ARC external GPU has finally been showcased by the chip manufacturer at its IEM 2022 tournament. Granted, we still have yet to see an actual gameplay demo or any sort of real-world benchmarks but the fact that we have seen it brings life to the long-winded rumour mill – proof of life, if you will.

The ARC GPU was the subject of a number of rumours earlier in the year but the winds have been rather quiet for the past couple of weeks. This could be intentional on Intel’s side as they might be looking to delay the launch of the graphics card further, or maybe even temper expectations on the performance of the unit.

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Twitter user theBryceIsRt was able to capture some pictures of the real-life, totally not mythological, ARC GPU at Intel’s Extreme Masters Tournament in Dallas, Texas. Intel has reassured us that the card is definitely coming still, even if it might be delayed. Again, this was more of a pretty piece to look at and an assurance that the GPU does actually exist, but we still have to wait for real-world performance benchmarks or demonstration.

From what we can see, though, is that the GPU will be powered through six and eight-pin power connectors, with a dual-fan design (which we have seen before). Though, we cannot see what outputs the card will support due to the way in which it was displayed. We assume it will offer the standard HDMI and DisplayPort outputs, with VGA being foregone some time ago across most GPU units.

It is believed that Nvidia will be pushing its rumoured September 2022 launch for their 40-series GPUs back thanks to a report from German tech site, Igor’s Lab. The site created a proposed timeline based on previous launches, given that it’s believed the card is yet to even emerge from the engineering and design phase.

Intel launched the ARC GPU range to combat both AMD and Nvidia in the graphics card space, although personally, Intel wanted to enter the GPU space to combat its CPU rival AMD, rather than Nvidia, to try take back some overall market share. The ARC range will offer full desktop components but will also be implementing the GPU technology into notebooks as well, as we see with AMD pairing notebooks with an AMD CPU and GPU.

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