IO Interactive’s Project Red Dragon is a Ten-Year Multiplayer Game

"An MMO of grand scale"

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IO Interactive’s Project Red Dragon is a Ten-Year Multiplayer Game

IO Interactive, the studio behind the popular Hitman series is working on a new game. Actually, the studio is working on multiple new games including a 007 James Bond one. However, their new unannounced title is where things get interesting. While this new title does not have a name yet, we only know it as “Project Red Dragon” .

It seems that Project Red Dragon is actually a multiplayer game with heavy fantasy elements and even dragons. According to a new job listing at IO Interactive, Project Red Dragon might even be an MMORPG at this point but how big of an MMO it is has yet to be revealed.


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The job listing at IO Interactive suggests that Project Red Dragon is set to launch on all platforms including PlayStation, Xbox and PC. In addition, the game is an ambitious task as IO Interactive hopes to keep it alive for up to 10 years. This contradicts previous reports where sources claimed that Microsoft was working with IO Interactive on the project and it would be an Xbox exclusive. The job description reads:

You will report to our CEO and be responsible for delivering a multiplayer;ayer title on all platforms within given priorities of time, budget, and quality.

A ten-year multiplayer game is no easy task. There are only a few of them around including Destiny, WoW, ESO and Final Fantasy XIV Online. By the sound of things, this new game will no doubt be an MMO of a grand scale but how it will compete in a market full of similar games is unclear at this point.

Keep in mind that this is also all unconfirmed and based on a report in the latest XboxEra Podcast. You should take it with a pinch of salt for now.

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