iOS 14 Lets You Tap The Back of Your iPhone to do All Sorts of Things

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iOS 14 Lets You Tap The Back of Your iPhone to do All Sorts of Things

Apple added a new accessibility feature into iOS 14 which they did not even talk about during the reveal. iOS 14 now lets you tap the back of your iPhone to launch apps, open the control panel and much more. It may sound like a simple feature, but its various options make it a welcome new system feature. In addition to opening any app, you can also launch Siri, lock your device and take a screenshot.

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This new “Back Tap” feature can be set up on iOS 14 in the accessibility options under “Touch”. There is a double tap and a triple tap option with the same modes for each. The options available in the first beta include;

  • Accessibility shortcut
  • App Switcher
  • Control Centre
  • Home
  • Lock Screen
  • Mute
  • Notification Centre
  • Reachability
  • Screenshot
  • Shake
  • Siri
  • Spotlight
  • Volume Down
  • Volume up


There’s also a range of accessibility options you can launch using the Back Tap too including opening the Magnifier, VoiceOver and more. The best feature is the ability to choose a Shortcut as the option. This means you can assign say, your HomeKit light switch to the Back Tap so when you double-tap your iPhone it will turn your lights on.

The Back Tap feature works pretty well from what I tested. It even detects the taps through a thick phone cover It is quite a nifty feature. Check it out in action down below;

Looking to install iOS 14? Check out our guide on the beta here as well as all the new features in the software here.

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