iOS 15.4 Will Release Next Week For Supported Devices

"FaceID for mask-wearing and more"

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iOS 15.4 Will Release Next Week For Supported Devices

Apple plans to rollout out a new version of iOS next week. The company announced that iOS 15.4 will land on all supported devices and include some cool new features across the board. iOS 15.4 has been in beta since January and includes a new mask-friendly FaceID feature and Universal Control.

While Apple did not give us an exact release date for the iOS, they may release it on 18 March to align it with the launch of the new iPhone 13 Apline Green models

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iOS 15.4 makes it possible to unlock your FaceID supported Apple device while wearing a mask. This is Apple’s second attempt at FaceID and mask-wearing. Last year, the company released a feature where users could unlock their FaceID iPhones if they were wearing a mask and owned an Apple Watch.

The new FaceID feature now does away with the Apple Watch and simply unlocks your device while wearing a mask. It doesn’t require a passcode or additional accessories at all.

iOS 15.4 also enables Apple’s new Tap to Pay feature. This turns iPhones into payment terminals for contactless payments. This means merchants can now use their iPhones as a cash register instead of using third-party accessories that include NFC card readers that plug into the iPhone. The feature uses NFC through Apple Pay and credit and debit cards. However, we don’t know if this will be available in SA at launch.

Apple is adding a new safety feature to AirTags that will prevent people from stalking you. There’s also a new American voice for Siri and 36 new emoji.

As for supported devices, iOS 15.4 will support all iPhones that can install iOS 15. This means everyone from iPhone 6S and up.

Source: Apple

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