iOS 16 To Revamp Notifications and Health But Don’t Expect a Redesign

"Apple will debut iOS 16 in June"

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iOS 16 To Revamp Notifications and Health But Don’t Expect a Redesign

Apple is expected to announce iOS 16 in June during its WWDC 2022 event. A new report from insider Mark Gurman says that the upcoming mobile software will pack some substantial changes to a handful of apps.

Gurman claims, in his latest newsletter, that iOS users should not expect any major redesign in iOS 16. Instead, Apple is working on a few tweaks to its health-tracking features as well as a major revamp to its notification system.

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iOS 16, codenamed Sydney, won’t change the overall user interface at all. However, Apple will redesign some apps across the OS. Users can look forward to the release of the Apple classical music experience app on iOS 16 alongside changes to multitasking on iPadOS.

In terms of other operating systems from Apple, Gurman says that WatchOS 9 may feature major upgrades to activity and health-tracking. Gurman has yet to share any details on what devices Apple will support across the board this year when it comes to its rollout of operating systems.

Last year, iOS 15 was released to the same number of devices as iOS 14. This meant that users with an iPhone 6S were still included in the software update. We don’t know if Apple will leave iPhone 6S owners behind this year when they transition over to iOS 16. The same goes for WatchOS 9.

Apple is expected to host its WWDC 2022 event on 6 June where the company will debut iOS 16, iPadOS 16, WatchOS 9 and MacOS 13.

Source: Mark Gurman

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