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iOS 17.2 Beta Finally Adds The New Journal App

Apple released its iOS 17.2 beta 1 to developers last night and it finally brings the Journal App to iPhone devices. The app was originally announced during WWDC back in June this year as a feature of iOS 17 but sadly missed the launch of the software and even the most recent iOS 17.1 release.

Users who downloaded the new iOS 17.2 beta spotted the app and it is functional to a certain degree. The app features the ability to document your daily thoughts through text posts, activity logs and even photos. Sort of like a daily journal but on a digital level.

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Users can make notes at any time of their day. Be it while they are busy doing something or at night when the day has ended. You can record voice notes, type in your thoughts, and what you got up to and document any other important information.

The Journal App is also passcode locked meaning you can’t access it unless you unlock the app through Face ID or your device passcode. This helps keep your information secure and private.

Journal is a new way to reflect on and relive special moments. Capture your thoughts on life’s big events or everyday activities. Add details to any entry with photos, music, audio recordings, and more. Mark important moments and revisit them later to find new insights or set new goals. Your iPhone can create personalized suggestions of moments to remember and write about based on information like your photos, location, music, workouts, and more—all using on-device machine learning.

The Journal App features the following:

  • Writing prompts: Each suggestion includes a writing prompt such as “What was the highlight of your trip?” or “What’s the story behind these photos?” to make it easy to get started. You can also choose from reflection prompts like “What’s your secret superpower?” or “What activity leaves you feeling most refreshed?” to inspire your writing.
  • Save to Journal: Save suggested moments to your journal so you can write about them later.
  • Find and filter: Scroll through a chronological list of all your entries and filter for those you’ve marked to revisit later.
  • Bookmark Entries: Bookmark entries so you can quickly find them later.
  • Filter Entries: Easily filter past entries to show those containing photos, videos, places, or websites that you’ve bookmarked for later.
  • Share Sheet: Easily add music and podcasts you’re listening to into your journal, or save your thoughts about a book, website, or news article you’re reading, so you can come back later and remember what it meant to you.
  • Notifications: Get a notification when new suggestions to journal about are available.
  • Journaling schedule: Set a schedule for the start or end of your day to help make journaling a consistent practice.

Apart from the new app, iOS 17.2 beta 1 also comes with other new stuff. In Apple Music, users can collaborate on playlists with friends and family members. Another new playlist will collect all your favourites (a new feature in iOS 17.1) into one place.

iOS 17.2 is now in beta. A public version is expected in the coming days. We won’t see a full launch until much later in November.

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