Get Your iPhone 11 in South Africa up to R330 Less Per Month When Trading in Older Device at iStore
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
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While the contract prices for the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max have yet to be revealed, iStore has announced that you will be able to get up to R330 off per month on a new or upgraded contract through Vodacom when the phones release on 27 September 2019.

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According to iStore, customers upgrading to the new iPhone 11 range will be able to trade-in any current iPhone 7 or up device to get up to R330 off their monthly contract. The company also announced anyone using this incentive will receive an Extended 1–year Warranty and screen replacement valued at R1999.

  • iPhone 7 – R170pm
  • iPhone 8 – R250pm
  • iPhone X – R300pm

While the price reductions are great, it is still unclear how this will be broken down. Will iPhone 7 256GB models receive more discount over the 64GB models? Are the iPhone 8 Plus models worth more? iStore does not go much into detail about this new system.

The iStore iPhone trade-in program also seems to leave out last year’s iPhone Xs and Xs Max completely too which raises more questions than anything else.

However, the retailer does claim that you will be able to trade-in your any past iPhone models towards the direct in-store discount to purchase a new iPhone 11. This will not be available for contracts though, rather cash purchases only.

With the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max South African release date taking place on 27 September 2019, we will hopefully have some clarity in regards to this program. Apple has more than three phones and each of them come in very different sizes and storage capacities. This trade-in system seems to be limiting that to three phones only.

For more on the iPhone 11 check out our iPhone 11 South African Release Date and Pricing Predictions post where we try and pinpoint the local price range for the upcoming devices.






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