Apple iPhone 11 Prototype Video Reveals Giant Triple-Lens Camera System
Apple iPhone 11
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Apple is expected to reveal its iPhone 11 later this year and everything we have seen from leaks and early cases clearly points to the device having a similar design to the iPhone X and XS except for the addition of a new giant triple-lens camera system at the back.

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Right now, Apple has very little to hide away as the world has already seen its upcoming phone through all these leaks. The latest is a prototype from accessory retailer Mobile Fun. According to the video published on YouTube, the prototype models are used as a reference in order for case manufacturers to craft accessories for new phones.

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These prototypes are then used for a variety of steps during the manufacturing process for new cases of the iPhone 11. They also match everything we have seen and heard of the phone up to now but we still can’t comment whether or not this is the actual iPhone 11 design until Apple officially announces it in September.

The prototypes shown in the video range from the so-called iPhone 11, iPhone 11R, and iPhone 11 Max. If Apple sticks to its current naming convention, then iPhone XI, iPhone XI R, and iPhone XI Max.

The devices are still the same size as the current iPhone XS and XS Max and everything from the screen size to the button placements are identical to the current iPhones on the market. The big difference here is the iPhone XI camera system that now sees a triple-lens camera on the main devices, up from a double-lens, and the XI R gets a new double-lens system, up from a single.

The triple-lens system is huge and according to reports, it will feature advanced AR capabilities as well as a wide-angle lens. Other big changes could be updated internals which we won’t know about until Apple full reveals the iPhone 11 devices later this year.

Image Credit: YouTube/ Mobile Fun






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