iPhone 12 South African Release Date Set For Mid December 2020

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Mini South African Release Date Pricing Vodacom 5G iPhone 12
iPhone 12 South African Release Date Set For Mid December 2020

The iPhone 12 has been out in the US for some time now. Apple released the first of the 12 range on 23 October and followed up with the iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max on 13 November 2020. However, the iPhone 12 South African release date has not been announced yet. Usually, the phones arrive a week or two after the US launch but this year, iStore has been silent regarding the matter.


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There could be a few factors to keep in mind which could have contributed to the delay. It is Apple’s first 5G phone and SA’s infrastructure, while available, is still not as accessible to customers as it should be. Secondly, this is the first iPhone launch during a global pandemic so a delay is to be expected.

iPhone 12 South African Release Date

So when is the iPhone 12 South African release date? According to Cellucity, it is arriving on 18 December 2020. The brand tweeted the date followed by a series of apple emojis. In addition, My Broadband claims an “industry source” confirmed the date is correct.

iPhone 12 South African Pricing

We don’t know what South Africans are going to pay for the iPhone 12, Pro, Mini and Pro Max at this stage. Customers should brace themselves for an expensive purchase. Considering the devices have been increasing by R1000 – R1500 every year, this year’s range might go up too. Here is what you paid for last year’s iPhone 11 range in South Africa. The 11 Pro Max increased by R1,500 for the 256GB and R1,000 for the 512GB compared to the previous year’s Xs.

  • iPhone 11ย 64GBย โ€“ย R14,999 / 128GB โ€“ R16,999 / 256GB โ€“ R18,999
  • iPhone 11 Proย 64GB โ€“ R21,999 / 256GB โ€“ R25,999 / 512GB โ€“ R29,999
  • iPhone 11 Pro Maxย 64GB โ€“ R23,999 / 256GB โ€“ R28,499 / 512GB โ€“ R32,999


We will share more information about the iPhone 12 South African release date and pricing when iStore confirms the news.

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