iPhone 13 Range Gets Substantial Price Drop in South Africa

"All new iPhone 13s are cheaper at launch"

South African iPhone 13 Release Date
iPhone 13 Range Gets Substantial Price Drop in South Africa

iStore is getting ready to roll out the new iPhone 13 range on 8 October and if you’re a South African looking to pick one up then we have all the pricing. Across the entire range, Apple has dropped the price of each device in comparison to last year’s iPhone 12 range. For example last year, users picking up an iPhone 12 Pro paid R23,999 for the 128GB and this year the iPhone 13 Pro costs R21,499.

The same goes for the iPhone 13 Mini that comes in at R14,999 instead of R15,999. The iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB starts at R23,699 instead of last year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB at R25,999 and the regular iPhone 13 128GB is entering South Africa at R17,299 instead of R18,999.

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iStore has announced there are a range of trade-in specials available when purchasing your new iPhone 13 through the store. In addition, users can easily sign up for a new contract or open a new line online through its website or in-store. It matters not where you originally got your contract from.

All iPhone 13 devices purchased at iStore come with a free extended warranty and screen replacement program valued at R1,999. Users can also trade in their old iPhones (starting at iPhone 7) in order to get credit on their new iPhone 13 purchase or contract. iStore says that customers can get up to R12,000 off when they trade in a specific device.

iPhone 13 South African Pricing

The iPhone 13 South African pricing is as follows.

  • iPhone 13 mini: 128GB – R14,999 / 256GB – R17,299 / 512GB – R21,599
  • iPhone 13: 128GB – R17,299 / 256GB – R19,399 / 512GB – R23,699
  • iPhone 13 Pro: 128GB – R21,499 / 256GB – R23,699 / 512GB – R28,699 / 1TB – R32,999
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 128GB -R23,699 / 256GB – R25,899 / 512GB – R30,899 / 1TB – R35,299

This is in comparison to last year’s iPhone 12 South African pricing

  • iPhone 12 Mini: 64GB R15,999 / 128GB R17,499 / 256GB R19,999
  • iPhone 12: 64GB R18,999 / 128GB R19,999 / 256GB R22,499
  • iPhone 12 Pro: 128GB R23,999 / 256GB R25,999 / 512GB R30,499
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: 128GB R25,999 / 256GB R27,999 / 512GB R32,999

Contracts for the iPhone 13 range start at R749 for 24 months and R549 at 36 months on Vodacom. Please check with your carrier on specific deals and bundles. You can pre-order the iPhone 13 range in South Africa starting today. Link here for the iPhone 13 and here for the iPhone 13 Pro range.


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