Brazilian documentary filmmaker Ernesto Galiotto thought it was a good idea to film the beautiful mountains of Cabo Frio in Rio de Janeiro using his iPhone 6s by sticking it out of the window of an aeroplane 600 kilometres in the air. Turns out that it was actually a good idea after the phone’s fall has gone viral leading to another bizarre iPhone survival video.


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Galiotto was flying over a beach located in Cabo Frio while working on an upcoming documentary. He stuck his hands out of the window to film some scenery but then let go of the iPhone 6s on the left-hand side. This meant it caught the gust of wind outside of the plane and flew out of his hand.

At first, the filmmaker thought he had lost his iPhone forever. Either that or when he found the device it would be smashed to pieces. However, to much surprise, Galiotto managed to track down the device which fell in the middle of a beach. Not only was the iPhone 6s still in working condition, but it was undamaged and managed to record the entire drop.

When speaking to G1 about the incident Galiotto said;

“I had faith that I would recover it. I thought, ‘If it didn’t fall in the water, we’ll find it. For a few meters I could have hit a person — and, at that height I was flying, 2,000 feet, it was going to be a tragedy, can you imagine? But it wasn’t a tragedy, it had many emotions.”

The iPhone 6S which he used was not protected by anything fancy at all. It had a standard clear silicone case on (which has gone a bit brown from use), as well as a standard screen protector. Galiotto claims that the whole experience was something people would never believe if you told them.

You can watch the whole crazy incident down below including the moment of dread when the iPhone 6s falls out of his hands (at 1:12 seconds). The video also includes the actual footage of the phone recording a video as it tumbles to the ground.

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