The new iPhone SE is powerful and while we don’t have a release date or price for South Africa yet we can’t wait to test it out. We know the device packs the same CPU found in the 11 namely the A13 Bionic. The new SE outperforms all current Android devices on the market and costs way less too says AndroidCentral. Something we never thought we would hear happen.

Read: Apple Announces New $399 SE Packing an A13 Bionic Chip

AndroidCenteral explains the A13 Bionic is a stronger chip than the best Snapdragon 865 for daily use in every category. The only area the A13 misses the mark in is the lack of 5G support. Apple’s 5G phone is releasing this year according to reports.

Sure, the  SE may lack features in comparison to other Android devices like a high-resolution display and 5G. But AndroidCentral’s praise for the device stems from the sheer brilliance in price compared to the features packed in the SE that work in tandem with the A13.

The $399 iPhone SE will be able to do these things faster than the new OnePlus 8 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S20+.


iPhone SE Performance Scores

2020 iPhone SE A13 1,330 3,325 6,370
iPhone 11 Pro A13 1,330 3,340 6,350
iPhone XR A12 1,090 2,425 4,490
iPhone 8 A11 910 2,170 3,420


With the performance scores being so great, the SE will outlive the current 8 as Apple is expected to support this device for years. The performance of the A13 will also deliver a solid experience on the device for years to come making the SE a solid investment on a budget.

You can read the full report here. We don’t have an iPhone SE South Africa release date or pricing just yet so we can’t say whether or not it will be a bargain.

The Verge praises the same CPU performance. Watch the full review down below;

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