Warning – New iPhone Text String Can Crash Your Phone

iPhone Text String
Warning – New iPhone Text String Can Crash Your Phone

Every now and then a text string comes along that iOS simply cannot handle. The latest is an iPhone text string including an Italian and Sindhi flag along with some other characters can cause your device to crash if seen on screen. The only way to avoid this would be to look at the text in an image format.

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The string of text, when an iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch or iPad received a notification with it, will cause your device to crash. Users are reporting in some instances their iPhones stop responding to touch while others report it reboots.

No one knows where this iPhone text came from but many claims it originates from a Telegram group. It is spreading like wildfire on Twitter and other social media platforms. This is a fair warning that it can spread through any application’s notification system. This includes Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and more.

Take a look at the bug in action;

It is not the first time Apple has faced this iPhone issue. Back in 2015, the “effective power” string went viral. The text string caused iPhones to crash through the Messages app after receiving the text from anyone. Users suffered data losses and constant crashes of their iPhones.

Stay safe until Apple issues an update for this new text string. The latest iOS 13.4.5 beta does not fix the issue so Apple was unaware of the problem at the time of the beta release. In the meantime, disabling your notifications may help prevent someone from sending the text to you.

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