Iron Man Could be Coming to Fortnite
Iron Man Fortnite
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Recent leaks have suggested that Fortnite’s Limited Time Mode featuring Thanos would return to the game before or on the day that Avengers: Endgame turns cinemas to dust next week. Just having Thanos, however, might not be enough and it would be so awesome to see an Avenger also feature in an upcoming event. Well, that’s where the possibility that Iron Man coming to Fortnite might be a thing.

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First thing’s first: Take this information with a grain of salt until such time as Epic Games confirms that Iron Man is coming to Fortnite. With that out of the way, this tease comes from Donald Mustard, the Creative Director of Fortnite. In a recent tweet, Mr Mustard tagged Iron Man actor Robert Downy Jr. and said: “See you soon”.

To make things even juicier, Robert Downy Jr. was wearing a Fortnite shirt and an Iron Man necklace in the image he was tagged in, spurring on the possibility of Iron Man coming to Fortnite.

Iron Man could, therefore, very well make his way into the game. Mr Mustard has been known for teasing things on his social media that would later make it into the game, so the idea definitely isn’t far-fetched. Maybe, Mr Mustard is just meeting the actor for an Avengers: Endgame screening, or any other possibility that isn’t directly related to a Fortnite event.

With that being said, it would be cool to see players take on the role of Iron Man to try and defeat Thanos in the game and should make for one amazing Limited Time Mode.

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Would you like to see Iron Man make his way into Fortnite? Let us know in the comment section below.






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