It Takes Sony 30 Seconds To Build a PS4 Console at This Factory
"Sony's PS4 assembly line is pretty impressive."

Sony is able to put together a PS4 console within 30 seconds at its factory in Tokyo. According to a report from Nikkei Asian Review, the factory is quite a marvel to look at.  Visitors are able to witness robots moving around as they churn out PlayStation 4 consoles every 30 seconds.

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According to the report, there are only four actual people that work in the PS4 factory. Two feed the motherboards to the assembly line while the other two handle packaging. Everything else is fully automated.

The report details how Sony is able to build a fully-functional PS4 console in about 30 seconds. Two workers man each side of the manufacturing belt while the other two stands by at the end ready to package the console.

“One of the plant’s crowning achievements is the use of robots to attach wires, tape and other flexible parts to the consoles. Twenty-six out of 32 robots at the Kisarazu plant are dedicated to the task, deftly handling materials most robots would find too finicky.”

One robot arm is able to hold up the cable and the other is used to twist it.  The cable then needs to be attached in a specific direction using just the right pressure. This task may seem simple to a human. However, for a robot, it is complex.

PS4 PS5 Sony Factory

The 31-meter line, which was built back in 2018 has the ability to make a new PS4 console every 30 seconds. Sony claims that there is probably no other site that can manipulate robots in this manner. Every process, all the way to the final packaging is automated.

Sony will most likely build a new assembly line for the PS5, or perhaps they already have one in place. However, it took a couple of years before the company nailed down the process of the PS4 in order to create this super-fast production plant. It will be interesting to see how the company creates and assembles the upcoming PS5 console.

Image Credit: Nikkei Asian Review

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