It Takes Two Hazelight Studio Josef Fares Next Game

It Takes Two Developer Hazelight Studios Teases Next Game

Hazelight Studios, the developer behind It Takes Two and A Way Out, has teased its next game. A photo was posted online recently from the studio’s founder Josef Fares, showing two actors in full motion capture suits. That doesn’t tell us much about the game, but it does give us a good indication that the two characters will likely have to help each other much like the studio’s past titles.

It Takes Two released in 2021 to critical acclaim, winning Game of the Year at The Game Awards as well as multiple other awards. The game revolves around a married couple who inform their daughter that they’re getting a divorce. The distraught daughter then uses her hand-made dolls to play-act her parents mending their relationship. The couple finds themselves suddenly trapped inside the dolls and must work together to make it out of their strange predicament.

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Hazelight Studios is already hard at work on its next game, it seems, as Fares’ recent photo suggests that the project is still early in development. A staple of the developer’s games usually involves two characters who must help each other in some way through co-op gameplay, so this latest tease showing two actors will likely follow a similar pattern.

It’s possible that we’ll get a full reveal of Hazelight’s next game at The Game Awards 2022, given Fares’ relationship with the awards ceremony and host Geoff Keighley. Additionally, the official account for The Game Awards was one of the first to respond to Fares’ tweet, which just adds more fuel to the fire.

Fares is certainly one of the gaming industry’s most charismatic and outspoken figures. In 2017, he publicly called out the Academy Awards with the classic line “f*** the Oscars!” and would later hammer home the fact that The Game Awards had become a much bigger and more watched awards ceremony than the Oscars.

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