Jack Black Started a YouTube Gaming Channel and it Rocks
Jack Black
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Celebrity gamers aren’t new. Many famous people love to play some games on the side and unwind while escaping to another world. None of these celebrities can rock as hard as Jack Black, though.

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A few days ago, Jack Black loaded a short clip to YouTube, announcing his soon-to-be-launched gaming channel. Now, the YouTube gaming channel has been launched. It’s called Jablinski Games and it’s pretty awesome.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fKpbTcAk1E” width=”600″]

Jack Black took it way back to the start of gaming in the first full video he uploaded to his new YouTube gaming channel. Hilariously entitled A House with a Pin in its Balls. In it, Jack Black visits a gaming arcade that has some of the best retro games ever. He visits a place in Las Vegas called The Pinball Hall of Fame and it’s basically heaven for retro arcade games. It’s an interactive museum of all the original arcade games, which you can actually play with.

One of the oldest arcade games that he shows off is Chicago Coin’s Goalie. The date stamp on the machine is January 1945. We’re even shown how Jack Black plays a super simplified version of Pinball. The machine was built in 1933, meaning it’s almost 90 years old. There’s even a moviola machine from 1921, which Jack Black checks out.

Jack Black took his son along too, who is shown briefly in the video and doesn’t look that impressed by his dad’s enthusiasm for these retro arcade games.

The video is pretty cool and entertaining, with Jack Black being as extra as always. What’s also cool about it, is that it’s not overly edited and it feels basically like an amateur smartphone video.

It’s impressive that Jack Black’s YouTube channel was able to amass close to 3 million subscribers in just two weeks. His first two videos both had over 8 million views, with the third one building momentum too.

Check out the full first video below.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxvjEpyJhd8″ width=”600″]






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