James Cameron Wants An Alien Reboot With Neill Blomkamp
James Cameron
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During a recent interview, James Cameron was asked if he would return to do another movie in the Alien franchise, and guess what? He’s keen to do it. And better yet, he is keen to do it with South African-born director, Neill Blomkamp who is behind District 9 and Chappie.

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The Alien franchise was first created by Ridley Scott more than 40 years ago, with the release of the classic 1979 Alien movie. James Cameron took over the franchise when he directed the 1986 sequel movie, Aliens. Ridley Scott returned to the franchise in 2012, with the release of Prometheus, releasing a sequel in 2017 called Alien: Covenant. He is apparently working on a third movie in the franchise. But the biggest Alien news doesn’t come from the creator of the franchise, but rather James Cameron.

When recently asked if he could give Neill Blomkamp a call about the next Alien movie, James Cameron replied that

I’m working on that, yeah.

That’s not a lot to go on, but the fact that James Cameron is even talking about coming on board again for an Alien movie, is pretty exciting. And the thought of him and Neill Blomkamp teaming up for an Alien movie, is sending our geek minds into over-drive.

Back in 2017, Neill Blomkamp posted some concept art for an Aliens sequel to his Twitter account, calling the project the “never to be made aliens sequel“. The director claimed that a lot of work went into the project in 2015, “from environments to characters to set design“.

Now, based on the comments made by James Cameron, we might get an Alien movie from two of the best sci-fi/adventure directors in the business.

James Cameron went on to discuss the next Terminator movie, which is directed by Tim Miller. He explains

Arnold’s back and he’s bad. He’s a different Terminator that you’ve ever seen before.

Would you be keen on an Alien movie from James Cameron and Neill Blomkamp?






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