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Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor Joins Marvel’s Avengers Next Week

Square Enix’s superhero spectacle Marvel’s Avengers will see Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor join its ranks as the new playable hero. Jane Foster’s electrifying Nordic figure will be joining the roster next week Tuesday, the 28th of June, and will be the first new inclusion since Spider-Man at the end of last year.

Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that while Foster’s Thor will share many likenesses to the Thor already in-game, but that there will be “elements that are distinctly Jane”. It was announced that Jane’s Mighty Thor would be coming to the live-service title back in April but without a release date, which we now have.

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Foster’s abilities will remain close to that of Odinson but will include some variations, including a new Intrinsic ability called All-Mother’s Blessing, a new Overcharge ability called God Tempest, as well as a new Ultimate ability called All-Weapon – which allows Mighty Thor to use Undrjarn and Mjolnir to defeat foes.

As with our other mainline heroes, Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor will be fully voiced and will include her own set of unique cosmetics, emotes, takedowns, nameplates, and of course, outfits,  which can be seen on the recently released developers blog. The animated trailer released by MArvel’s Avengers takes a look at her backstory before her introduction to the hero roster, which you can see below.

Jane Foster’s addition comes part of Marvel Avenger’s free Update 2.5 and according to Crystal Dynamics, it will be the start of a sling of content updates to come, that will introduce new Warzone and Omega level threats still to come.

Marvel’s Avengers has been a disappointment according to Square Enix, citing issues with development due to the pandemic but also implying that Crystal Dynamics may not have been a good fit for the “games-as-a-service” model. Square Enix also confirmed that they actually lost $200 million between the releases of Marvel’s Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, although, they only have themselves to blame for the second title not doing so well.

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