Jared Leto Reportedly Tried to Stop The New Joker Movie
Jared Leto Joker Movie
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Last week we heard that Suicide Squad actor Jared Leto was upset about Todd Phillips’ Joker Movie after feeling “alienated”. It seems the actor tried to put a stop to the production of the film after he heard it was going ahead by using his influence to kill the production.

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THR reports, the actor complained bitterly about to his agent at CAA (Casting Association America), who also represents Todd Phillips. At one point he asked his music manager, Irving Azoff to call the leader of Warner’s parent company saying “You’ve got to stop this!.

Overall, the Suicide Squad actor felt alienated and upset after Warner Bros. supposedly promised him his own standalone Joker movie. Jared Leto felt strung along and when they greenlit Phillips’ version with Joaquin Phoenix instead, he went out of his way to prevent the film from being made.

Jared Leto has since left CAA for rival agent company WME and will not be reprising his role of Joker in the upcoming Birds of Prey. He claims his days of Joker are over after being “out Jokered” by Phoenix.

The latest Joker Movie has raked in over $700 million worldwide since its debut on 4 October 2019 and has become one of DC’s highest-grossing films of all time. The movie’s success will no doubt put Joaquin Phoenix in line for a couple of Oscars for his uncomfortable role of Joker which he pulled off brilliantly.

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