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Jim Ryan Wants “100s of Millions of People” on PlayStation Consoles

Given the growing success of the PlayStation 5, Sony are making slow and steady attempts to expand their player base and raise brand awareness. However, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan believes that Sony will one day be capable of bringing hundreds of millions of people to PlayStation consoles. Quite the ambitious proposition.

In a recent interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Jim Ryan spoke in some detail about his plans to grow the PlayStation brand to potentially reach “hundreds of millions of people” someday and states how those who get to experience their exclusives – around 20 or 30 million fans – is frustrating simply because it doesn’t seem to be enough.

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On the topic of expanding PlayStation’s reach, Ryan said:

“I see no reason why gaming as ubiquitous as music, movies or TV shows. When you think about the implications of that for the people who make games and the people who play games, that’s potentially really amazing and really powerful.

I really believe the PlayStation 5 will be Sony’s biggest and best and most beloved PlayStation yet. I hope that will happen. I would also like to see a world where the games that we make at PlayStation can be enjoyed by many tens of millions of people. Perhaps hundreds of millions of people. Right now success with the current console model, a really great PlayStation hit you’re talking ten or 20 million people being able to play that game.”

Ryan then spoke about the challenges of comparing video games to movies and music, and how those mediums can be enjoyed by “limitless” audiences. However, gaming still requires a hefty investment given the price of consoles and games nowadays – something that movies and music don’t need to worry about too much as they can be enjoyed for far cheaper prices. However, Ryan still wants PlayStation to be on that level, stating:

“We’re talking about games stacking up against music, we’re talking about games stacking up against movies. Music and movies, they can be enjoyed by almost limitless audiences. And I think some of the art that our studios are making is some of the finest entertainment that has been made anywhere in the world. And to kind-of gate the audience for the wonderful art, wonderful entertainment that our studios are making… to gate the audience for that at 20 or 30 million, frustrates me. I would love to see a world where hundreds of millions of people can enjoy those games.”

PS5 is currently the fastest-selling Sony console ever, and its momentum will likely continue into 2022 and beyond. If the exclusives stick their landing, then PlayStation could potentially be looking at their best generation yet in terms of sales and quality.

Source: GamesIndustry.biz

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