Joaquin Phoenix Lost 23 Kgs for His Joker Role and it Almost Drove Him to Madness
Joker Oscar Nominations 2020 Revealed - 'Joker', and 'The Irishman' Lead Nominees
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Joker could be the best film of 2019 according to its early reviews. If you missed the, check out the review roundup we covered a few days ago. Joaquin Phoenix could be up for an Oscar for his role of the iconic supervillain and he would totally deserve it after what he went through to prepare for the role.

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According to THR, Joaquin Phoenix put in a lot of work crafting his own unique interpretation of the DC character, Joker. His weight loss was a major contributing factor seeing him lose 23 Kgs to become the Clown Prince of Crime. Speaking to ET Canada, the actor explains the process which almost drove him to madness.

The first thing was the weight loss, that’s really what I started with. As it turns out, that impacts your psychology, and you really start to go mad when you lose that much weight in that amount of time. There’s also a book about political assassins that I thought was interesting and breaks down the different types of personalities that do those sorts of things

Joaquin explained that he wanted to avoid using past DC Joker performances as inspiration for his role saying “I wanted the freedom to create something that wasn’t identifiable. This is a fictional character, and I didn’t want a psychiatrist to be able to identify the kind of person he was.”

You will be able to see the Clown Prince of Crime when Joker opens in cinemas on 4 October 2019 in South Africa. Check out the latest trailer of the film down below;

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