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Job Listing at id Software Hints at Next Doom or Quake

A new job listing posted by id Software, the developers behind Doom Eternal, may hint at the next Doom sequel or even Quake. The qualifications for the combat director position states that they must have in-depth knowledge of 2016’s Doom and Doom Eternal, adding more fuel to the fire.

The fact that the position seeks out someone with “in-depth knowledge” of id Software’s Doom franchise might be proof enough that they’re making the next Doom game. However, others believe that it’s actually for a new Quake game, which has been rumoured to be in development at the studio.

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Following Xbox’s acquisition of Bethesda (and by extension, id Software), the Doom developer has mostly been quiet about their next project. They previously worked on Doom Eternal‘s expansions, but beyond that, fans have speculated that they might cap off the new Doom series with a trilogy.

Other reports surfaced last year that they were actually working on something other than Doom. Co-founder of XboxEra Shpeshal Nick, who has a solid track record when it comes to inside info, revealed that id Software were developing a new Quake game. It would feature both single-player and multiplayer with Wolfenstein developer Machine Games assisting in its development.

Additionally, Nick also revealed that the protagonist would be female, which is a first for the mainline Quake series.

The part about Machine Games aiding id Software in Quake‘s development is quite interesting as the studio developed brand new expansions for the Quake remaster last year. It’s safe to say that they have some knowledge in the Quake universe that will be beneficial to a new game’s development.

On the other side of the argument, fans believe this might be related to a new Doom game. Many players agreed that Doom Eternal, including its two massive expansions, concluded the entire series fittingly. A third game may come up with new ideas, but the popular theory and hope is for a new Quake.

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