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Joker Could be The Greatest Film of 2019 – Review Roundup

Todd Phillips and DC teamed up to make a Joker movie that is very different from most comic book films of late. The movie stars Joaquin Phoenix as Joker and is a dark and uncomfortable adaption of the famous supervillain.

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Some media got the opportunity to watch the film ahead of its 4 October release date and the reviews have been nothing short of excellent. Many of them saying the film could be the greatest release this year and an Oscar-worthy performance for Joaquin Phoenix.

While the movie is still a month away from release, we wanted to share a few reviews with you to get you excited for this upcoming film. Take a look at what the international media say about Joker.

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IGN – 10/10 

Starring a captivating Joaquin Phoenix, The Clown Prince of Crime gets a standalone film for the ages with Joker. – Read the full review

Hollywood Reporter

“The clown prince of crime is alive and mentally unwell in Gotham City in Todd Phillips’ grippingly atmospheric supervillain origin story, Joker. While a never-better Joaquin Phoenix paints on the famed maniacal smile with his own blood at one memorable climactic moment of messianic rebirth, what’s most noteworthy about this gritty entry in the DC canon and the lead actor’s sensational performance is the pathos he brings to a pathetically disenfranchised character — just like countless others in a metropolis in which the social chasm separating the haves from the have-nots has become a pit of incendiary rage.” – Read the Full Review

Empire 5/5

“Bold, devastating and utterly beautiful, Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix have not just reimagined one of the most iconic villains in cinema history, but reimagined the comic book movie itself.” – Read the Full Review

The Guardian – 5/5

“Joaquin Phoenix provides a comic-book hero for the left behind with Joker, a brilliantly insurrectionist origins story that landed like a firecracker in the midst of this year’s Venice film festival. Playing the role of Cain to the sunny Abel of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Todd Phillips’s blockbuster charts the formative years of Batman’s nemesis, rewinding to his time as a failed standup in grubby Gotham City, when he was lonesome and lost and out of joint with the world. Audaciously, it’s a film that invites us to love the monster.” – Read the Full Review

CinemaBlend 4.5/5

“Joker is bound to be the subject of controversy upon its release, but it’s a controversy that it invites by leaving a great deal open for interpretation. Everybody is going to have their own moment where they view Arthur going one step past “the line.” Everybody is going to have their own take on what’s real, and what’s fantasy. Everybody is going to have their own particular political read. And then all of those opinions are going to flip when the movie is screened a second time. You’ll definitely feel like you’ll need a shower after seeing it, but once you’ve dried off and changed clothes, you’ll want to do nothing else but parse and dissect it.” – Read the Full Review – 9/10

“Phillips and Phoenix have crafted a truly unique take on this character and raised the bar of their individual work to boot, paving the way for (hopefully) a wealth of more diverse, compelling and riskier takes on these iconic characters that will challenge our perceptions and leave us with something to chew on for years to come.” – Read the Full Review

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