Konami Says Sony Dropped PES 2019 From July PlayStation Plus Lineup at The Last Minute
PlayStation Plus July 2019
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Last week everyone was expecting PES 2019 to be added to the July PlayStation Plus lineup alongside Horizon Chase Turbo. However, at the last minute, Sony announced they would be switching out Detroit: Become Human with PES 2019 and everyone was pretty confused.

Konami revealed to Gamespot Sony actually did this at the very last minute and that PES 2019 was even up on the store for a brief amount of time before Detroit took its place. Konami pointed the blame at Sony saying;

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“This decision was made by Sony and so please make an inquiry to Sony.”

Konami also revealed they had no idea the change was going to happen and according to them, everything was on track as Sony stated. “I cannot really tell you what happened because I just found out today, in the morning when I opened my laptop. I can’t really explain.” Said Konami’s brand manager.

Sony has yet to reveal any information regarding the change and we doubt they will. The only statement they have released has apologized for any inconvenience caused but not touched on why they decided to change the lineup.

As for users, they have been on the fence about it. Many stating they were looking forward to PES 2019 and other glad Sony changed it up as they prefer Detroit: Become Human over the football game.

About Detroit: Become Human

Detroit, 2038. Lifelike androids have replaced the human workforce. They never tire, never disobey and never say “no”… until something changes. Some of them have started to behave irrationally, as if they were feeling emotions… Now you take control of three androids in their quest to discover who they really are.

Tell your own story and confront moral dilemmas and thought-provoking situations in a branching narrative where every choice you make has consequences. Your actions and decisions shape the fate of the androids – and maybe even the future of the entire city. From the makers of Heavy Rain and BEYOND: Two Souls, this is a spectacular and epic experience unlike anything you have played before.






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