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Jurassic World Began as a Video Game Concept from Xbox Creator

Jurassic World might be the mega-blockbuster franchise of films we know (and kinda love) today, but it was once pitched as a video game concept. That is according to Xbox creator Seamus Blackley, who revealed that he had pitched a Jurassic World video game to Steven Spielberg before it got turned into a trilogy of films.

In a revealing Twitter thread, Blackley talked in some detail about how he once pitched the idea for Jurassic World as a video game in 2012. Blackley was tasked with creating a pitch for a story, gameplay and a concept trailer (which confused many when it appeared online in 2013, two years before the first film hit cinemas). The idea was turned down in the end, but some of Blackley’s ideas would form the groundwork for the films to come.

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Blackley discussed meeting with Spielberg while working at a game finance company and his early story ideas for Jurassic World:

“I’d see [Spielberg] in meetings, and sometimes do stuff with him on games or movie stuff. Steven would always say ‘I don’t like you in this job. Why are you doing this job’. One day I get a call from some guys at Universal. ‘Steven was thinking of restarting the Jurassic Park franchise, and we thought it should relaunch with a new Trespasser.’

I wrote a story about dinosaurs on Isla Sorna and the research sites escaping, and about how humans had to come to terms with the original owners of the planet. My thesis was that audiences wanted to know the dinosaurs more than to kill them.”

Blackley previously worked on a Jurassic Park game in 1998 called Trespasser, which is best left forgotten by most fans. However, it’s interesting to hear about this concept that was lifted from a video game then turned into Hollywood blockbusters. Spielberg, at the time, was looking to revive the Jurassic Park franchise and it just so happened that he came in contact with Blackley.

As history goes, the Jurassic World films would release and become big box office hits despite a dwindling critical reception when compared to Spielberg’s directed Jurassic Park films.

Check out the 2013 Jurassic World concept trailer by Blackley below.

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