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Jury Rules That Video Game Cheats and Mods Infringe on Copyright in Historic Destiny 2 Case

Bungie has walked away with a historical settlement against a cheat mod site. The jury found that Phoenix Digital was guilty of violating Bungie Copyrights when it created cheats for Destiny 2.

The Destiny 2 studio has been fighting cheat makers for years now. At any given time, Bungie had at least two ongoing lawsuits against companies that developed and sold cheats for Destiny 2. It has been an ongoing issue in the game since its launch.

However, this lawsuit is a little different. Instead of Bungie suing for damages, the company claimed that Phoenix Digital, which owns the cheat mod site AimJunkes infringed on copyrights when it created cheats for the shooter. The jury agreed and issued a substantial fine against Phoenix Digital in the amount of $63,210.

This is not the first time Bungie has gone after AimJunkies. The studio also targeted the cheat maker in 2021 and claimed the company hacked Destiny 2 to copy the code it uses to make the cheats.

Bungie ended up winning the case and $4 million after the judge found that AimJunkies violated the DMCA provision forbidding circumvention of copyright protection tech. That case has since been appealed and is still in the process.

This latest case is a pretty big deal. While the payout of $63,210 isn’t remotely as large as $4 million, this case ties into the actual cheats being the issue compared to breaking the DMCA provision. This new case marks the first time a judge has ruled against a cheat maker for copyright infringements over developing cheats for a video game.

According to Stephen Totilo, Phoenix Digital founder David Schaefer says the company will fight back against this ruling. He says the cheat maker will fight to get the case dismissed and if that fails, appeal it.

The company will dispute the case and Bungie will have to prove a copyright violation did in fact occur as a result of the cheat programs being developed.

If this case clears in Bungie’s favour, it might open the floodgates for more copyright infringement lawsuits in the future. It would mean cheat makers might be easier to take down.

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