Just Cause Publisher Avalanche Studios Teases New FPS Game

Avalanche Studios System Reaction
Just Cause Publisher Avalanche Studios Teases New FPS Game

Big changes happened at Avalanche Studios last night. For starters, the studio is now called “Avalanche Studios Group” and now has new subdivisions. System Reaction is now the new name for the studio behind Generation Zero and they are working on a new project which they teased alongside the new branding. The teaser for System Reaction’s new game is pretty mysterious and could be anything at this point.

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The teaser, which you can watch down below, does not have a title. It shows a camera zooming into a dark cave and in the background, you can hear gunfire and a lot of loud action noises. As the camera gets closer to the cave you can hear a plane fly overhead. The noises then change from gunfire to growls and clicking sounds as the camera enters the cave. We then see flashes of gunfire and as monsters attack someone.

The teaser reveals a couple of things. The game seems to be a horror first-person shooter with a mix of fighting monsters with fighting humans. There could also be some survival mechanics which would follow in the studio’s past games including Generation Zero. We don’t know what the game is called yet and will have to wait to see what System Reaction reveals in the coming months.

There is no indication when this project will be released or the platforms it will arrive on. It could be in development for next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles or it could be a cross-gen title. We will just have to wait and see how Avalanche Studios tackles this upcoming game as it could put its new developer on the map for future titles.

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