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Remember when I spoke about those guilty pleasures of mine a while back? Well, Just Dance is one of them. Once a year a Just Dance title comes out and once a year a have a group of really awesome friends get together and dance to the game. While we think we are awesome at it, the replays speak otherwise, but I did manage to get a whopping 5-stars on the Moana dance, first time ever. 

Just Dance 2018 is back with a brand new selection of songs and the Just Dance Unlimited feature that basically lets you dance to every song ever made for a Just Dance game. While this is a trial and you have to be connected to the internet, it is a fun way to experience the entire collection of over one hundred songs without feeling limited to what comes with Just Dance 2018. After a while, the tracks from the game blurred the lines between what came with the collection and what was part of the Just Dance Unlimited. It is dancing on demand and if you are a lover of the game series then this is a subscription you want as it truly gives you all the songs ever made for every game.


The Unlimited service costs a little over R50 a month and the way I see it, I would buy it when I am having friends over and we are booting up the game. While I would never use a full month of it as I don't dance every day, R50 for unlimited entertainment for that night is a bargain regardless. If you are not prone to that, then Just Dance 2018 has some awesome songs included. While none of them beat the 2015 Tetris parade, they are all scattered across various genres to cater for everyone. 

Despacito, 24K Magic, 2003's Naughty Girl, Side to Side, and much more. The main game comes with 36 tracks to dance to all designed in the awesome Just Dance music videos. The Panda is back acting a fool, and all choreography is top notch. Some songs are hard to dance to while others are pretty simple. Regardless, you will break a sweat as they are all a workout. I for sure want to take Just Dance up as a workout method seen as I love it so much and my bones and joints were aching the next day after we almost had an all-nighter with the game. Something like Lady Gaga's John Wayne is a great entry for newcomers while Despacito was on another level of salsa. 


It does not take long to master a song though as the moves repeat themselves through the experience. There is some before the chorus, and the chorus' moves all repeat the same thing. It is still tough though so don't be fooled. There are also different variations of each song like an “Extreme” edition of Just Bieber's Power which is insane to do but a good way to experience the game's hardest of hard dances. These different variations can be unlocked by a new gumball-like machine that you pay tokens to roll and it gives you a ball with an item inside. These can be new avatars or new variations of songs. You get coins for being awesome in the dancing. 

Just Dance 2018 has three ways to dance. A mobile phone, the PlayStation Move Controllers or the Camera. While the idea of dancing around with my brand new iPhone X in my hand sounded great on paper, there was no way in living hell that I was going to use this method to play the game. There is a lot of flicking and swinging so avoid this if you are clumsy. The best method, which unfortunately is not the greatest, is still the camera. Each player stands in front of the camera, gets identified and dances. This sounds easy enough but it is not. The tracking is still an issue and you would think by now Ubisoft would release like a sash that you could wear to help improve this. There are many songs that see you swap places with friends and once that is done the camera does not pick you up again so you basically lose your score. 


This has been an issue for years now so I do hope they sort this out soon as it brings the experience down when you lose out on points due to the camera losing you along the way. It also has nothing to do with lighting as we tried in extremely bright light and medium and it was still the same result. That is to say that it does not happen all the time and most of the time it either never loses you or does and then find you again. It would be nice, however, to pick someone up and carry them like some songs need you do to and the game still keeps track of everyone without having to hope you come back on screen and don't lose out on points.


Even with the tracking issues, Just Dance 2018 is hella fun and I just loved it as much as I have every other game ever released. I think I just have awesome friends that support my crazy ideas that dancing to a game is awesome so thank you to them for that too. Just Dance 2018 is great and has a fantastic lineup of songs but the true magic is in its Unlimited plan that you simply cannot go wrong with. 

Available On: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PS3, Xbox 360 | Reviewed On: PS4 Pro | Release Date: 26 October 2017 | RRP: R849

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