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Kena: Bridge of Spirits Gets Glowing Early Reviews

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is out today on PS5, PS4 and on PC through the Epic Games Store. There seemed to be some sort of delay with review access as publications were only able to share reviews for the title this morning at 6 am CAT. This means the game was already available worldwide before scores dropped. Thankfully, the Kena: Bridge of Spirits reviews have done nothing but praise the game.

I cannot share a review with you because we didn’t get early access to code. I also don’t expect it to arrive so I will probably just buy the game and enjoy it. However, if you need some reviews scores to help justify your purchase then look down below.

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IGN – 8/10

With its elegantly simple combat and beautiful world, Kena: Bridge of Spirits harkens back to the days of the N64/GameCube-era Zeldas, Okami, and Star Fox Adventures, while also adding modern sensibilities and a distinct personal touch. – Read the full review.

Press Start AU – 8/10

As an indie effort and a debut game, Kena: Bridge of Spirits makes a good impression. It balances simplicity and challenge while weaving a neatly-paced story into something that can be played over a chill couple of days. Despite fantastic production values it’s still far from a AAA title – so it’s important to keep expectations in check, but anyone looking to lose themselves in a charming, gorgeous world ripe for exploration should look no further. It’s exactly what I needed right now – perfect cozy weekend entertainment. – Read the full review.

PC Gamer – 6.5/10

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a looker, and the Pixar comparisons that have been flying around are, to an extent, justified. The lush world and its big-eyed inhabitants radiate with personality. Even the bulbs of corruption that plague the land are oddly attractive. Kena’s got the Hollywood looks down, but it’s also got the Hollywood determination to play it safe. – Read the full review.

GameRant – 4/5

Despite a few shortcomings, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a solid action-adventure game and an impressive debut effort by Ember Lab. It will scratch the itch for anyone looking for a Zelda-like adventure on PlayStation, but while it’s been compared to games like Zelda and Pikmin, Kena: Bridge of Spirits still stands on its own. Hopefully, this isn’t the end of Kena’s story, as it would be great to see the ideas here expanded on in future games. – Read the full review.

GameInformer – 9/10

Bridge of Spirits stumbles a little in spots, yet confidently sprints into the heart of the adventure, rewarding the player with secrets galore and visuals that are almost always worth admiring. If you love Zelda-like games or are just looking for an experience that will make you smile every step of the way, you can’t go wrong with Kena: Bridge of Spirits. – Read the full review. 

Eurogamer – No Score

To me, Kena: Bridge of Spirits very much has first game syndrome – something with all the right ideas, weakened by their execution. If it does well – and given the fever with which it’s been followed leading up to its release, I expect it will – it’ll be because we often value AAA looks and mechanics more highly than attempts at innovation. I’m sure with this foundation Ember Lab has a great game in it, but this isn’t it just yet. – Read the full review.

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