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Kids Want Game Subscriptions for Christmas According to US Survey

A new survey in the US conducted by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) reveals that game subscriptions have topped kids’ wish lists for Christmas. The survey asked hundreds of kids in America what their ideal gift would be for the holiday season and it comes as no surpise that gaming-related gifts and products were at the top of the list, overtaking money/gift cards and even physical video games.

As reported by Video Games Chronicle, the ESA’s recent survey gathered the data from 501 US children aged 10-17. The survey found that 72% of kids asked for video game gifts for Christmas, 70% asked for money/gift cards, 66% asked for clothing and accessories, 62% asked for tech/electronics, 38% asked for physical toys, 32% asked for tickets and experiences, 28% asked for arts/crafts and 26% asked for books.

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Of those that asked for video game gifts, 39% plan to ask for game subscriptions (such as Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus) while 38% want consoles. 32% want game gear/accessories, 29% want in-game currency and only 22% want physical video games.

The survey was also conducted on 500 adults aged 18-65. Unsurprisingly, almost a third (at 32%) said they plan on buying video game gifts for themselves or others.

ESA president Stan Pierre-Louis commented on the results:

“More than 212 million Americans play video games regularly, so it comes as no surprise that games are at the top of this year’s wish lists. Whether a family is getting a new console, updating their controllers and headsets or adding to their library with new games and expansion packs, we know video games are a great tool for families to play together and connect during the holiday season and beyond.”

Game subscriptions have become a lot more prominent over the last few years as the industry slowly shifts towards digital-focused gaming. For many, it’s also the cheaper alternative than paying the pricey premium for most new releases. Xbox Game Pass, in particular, gives subscribers access to a massive library of games in addition to day one releases for all Xbox exclusives, while Sony’s revamped PlayStation Plus tiers also offers a huge collection of games at a monthly price.

In other news, EA recently issued a patent that will allow players to voice in-game characters themselves with a synthesizer.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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  • Nikki_boagreis 5 December 2023

    I usually don’t ask specifically for a PlayStation Plus subscription, i’ll ask for a few PlayStation Network cards.

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