Killing Floor 3

Killing Floor 3 Gets First Gameplay Trailer Showcasing Guns and Gore

Tripwire shared the first official gameplay trailer for the highly anticipated Killing Floor 3. The trailer sets up the action and introduces the first three new playable Nightfall specialists. We also get our first look at the game’s new maps which now include various traversal mechanics players can take advantage of during the heat of a battle.

Players can now dash around and climb up obstacles to move around the area while they fight off enemies. Keep in mind that enemies now also find new ways to abuse exploration by walking on walls and the ceiling.

According to Tripwire, Killing Floor 3 has also switched up the class system slightly. Weapons are now tied to specific classes in the game rather than being usable by all classes. So you can’t use just any weapon. While this sounds a bit more restricted than before, it will hopefully give players the opportunity to master certain classes and their playstyles.

We’ll have to see how well this change goes down with fans of the series. So far, players don’t seem too pleased by the news.

Killing Floor 3 also features a five-player co-op so you and four friends can take on the Zeds together. The shooter is expected to launch in early 2025. Previously, Tripwire owner Embracer Group confirmed that the company planned to launch two major games before the end of March 2025. These games include Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 and Killing Floor 3. So we will likely see the co-op shooter launch within the early months of next year.

The game is expected to launch on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

The year is 2091, 70 years after the events in Killing Floor 2, and megacorp Horzine has produced the ultimate army: an obedient horde of bio-engineered monstrosities called Zeds. Now, the only thing standing between these infernal creations and the future of humanity is the rebel rogue group known as Nightfall. This intense first-person shooter puts players in the role of a Nightfall specialist, joining forces with up to five teammates as they battle through a war-ravaged, dystopian future, surviving unrelenting waves of Zeds, unlocking new skills, and building the ultimate arsenal.

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