Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode Finally Arrives Today
Kingdom Hearts PC Epic Games Store 3 Mobile Project Xehanort critical mode
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One of the biggest issues I had with Kingdom Hearts 3 was it was too damn easy. Playing through the game on the hardest difficulty was so easy and I even stopped levelling up in order to make it harder for myself.

The difficulty in the game is a major problem and fans have been complaining about it since launch. Not only was the Proud Mode super easy but the game had no Critical Mode, a staple in past Kingdom Hearts games. Well, that is about to change as Square Enix will be releasing the Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode today as a free update.

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While this is somewhat good news, I am concerned about it as game director Tetsuya Nomura stated: “We’ve changed things up from the previous games, so I hope you enjoy,”. This could mean that the mode might play out differently compared to past games and just not deliver a more brutal combat and gameplay experience.

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Critical Mode in past Kingdom Hearts games presented players with a harder gameplay experience with more powerful enemies and a weaker Sora so “changing things up” might mean the Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode could be a little different.

Square Enix did not reveal any more information regarding the mode other than it was releasing today sometime. We will update you once we learn more. Kingdom Hearts 3 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. Check out our full review of the game here.






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