Kingdom Hearts 4 Older Titles Nintendo Switch 2

Kingdom Hearts 4 and Older Titles Might Release on Nintendo Switch 2

It seems like the Kingdom Hearts franchise, including the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 4, might release on the unannounced Nintendo Switch 2. The older titles in the series, encompassing the original trilogy as well as spin-offs thanks to the Remix bundles, are available on PlayStation and Xbox, though it looks like Nintendo could be next to receive the action-RPG series from Square Enix.

According to reputable insider Midori, who also leaked the existence of a Final Fantasy 9 remake today, Square Enix is looking at porting the older Kingdom Hearts titles to Nintendo Switch 2 when the console launches next year. Additionally, it will also see the release of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 4.

Midori claims that Kingdom Hearts 4 will feature small online features, though she didn’t elaborate on what this means. She added that the game looks very different to what was shown in the reveal trailer and that it’s currently codenamed Quattro at Square Enix.

Square Enix recently confirmed that the entire Kingdom Hearts series will hit PC via Steam next month, giving PC players access to the franchise that was previously limited to console releases in the past. This could be the start of Square Enix’s plans to make its AAA games multiplatform going forward as part of a new strategy to boost sales.

Final Fantasy VII Remake initially launched on PS4 before finding its way to PC (and a PS5 update), though both Final Fantasy XVI and this year’s Final Fantasy VII Rebirth were released as PlayStation exclusives – something that might’ve hurt the potential sales and reach of the titles. Bringing most of its games over to other platforms would only result in more sales and give players on PC, Xbox and Switch the opportunity to experience the publisher’s biggest IPs like Kingdom Hearts and newer Final Fantasy titles.

Source: Midori

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