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Kingdom Hearts PC Collection is Releasing in March at an Insane Price Tag

PC gamers who have always wanted to play the Kingdom Hearts series but never owned any hardware other than a PC can look forward to the entire series dropping in March. Square Enix announced that the entire Kingdom Hearts series is set to launch on the Epic Games Store on 3o March 2021.


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When I say “the entire series”, I mean it. Square Enix is set to launch every game right from the original PS2 classic all the way up to the third instalment and the rhythm game that came afterwards. Luckily, gamers who don’t want to splurge on it all at once can pick up each game individually. However, the entire package, after purchasing each one, will set you back quite a penny.


In total, users will have to fork out R3,490/$240 in order to pick up all the Kingdom Hearts games on PC. The cheapest option is the first pack which includes the original game, the sequel, the fully-playable Re: Chain of Memories and Birth by Sleep and the HD cinematics of Re: Coded and 358/2 Days. It is a juicy pack of games.

However, other than Kingdom Hearts III, the other games are bit overpriced for their content. 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue includes one full game and a short demo along with a cinematic pack. Lastly, Melody of Memory is a rhythm game… Yes, a rhythm priced at R910/$59.99.

Users can opt to purchase these game packs as they wish. They aren’t going anywhere so you can dive into them slowly over the next few years. Square Enix has yet to share whether or not the collection will include any PC-specific features such as wide-screen and unlocked frame-rate support.

Take a look at the Kingdom Hearts PC trailer down below. The collection is currently available across Xbox and PlayStation consoles too.

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