The Last Hope: Deadzone Survival

Knock-Off The Last of Us Game Removed From Switch eShop

At a quick glance The Last Hope: Deadzone Survival might look exactly like the popular PlayStation video game series The Last of Us. That’s until you realise the people on the cover aren’t Ellie and Joel but rather cheap replicas used as a marketing ad to sell an even cheaper game.

The Last Hope: Deadzone Survival went viral last week after Digital Foundry posted a video showcasing the gameplay in this zombie shooter. It is in fact just a shovelware game developed as a quick cash grab to piggyback off the success of The Last of Us.

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In the video, Digital Foundry says that the game is a perfect example of the depravity festering within certain corners of the industry. However, while the game’s popularity was growing for all the wrong reasons, it seems that it has now vanished from the eShop.

The Last Hope: Deadzone Survival has also been taken off YouTube with the game trailers nowhere to be seen. At the time of writing, you can’t purchase the game or watch any of the official trailers. The only way to get the game is to redownload it if you purchased it before.

Both Sony and Nintendo have yet to comment on the matter so we don’t know if this takedown was a legal issue. I highly doubt Sony would threaten to take down a shovelware game on Switch even if it looks somewhat familiar to The Last of Us.

While The Last Hope: Deadzone Survival does indeed bare a similar look to The Last of Us, it doesn’t infringe on any copyright laws. It is an entirely different game with its own mechanics, assets and characters. Sure, it’s currently the joke of the internet for “trying to copy The Last of Us” but it’s not.

Perhaps the developers behind the game, West Connection Limited, decided that the online hate was a little bit too much to handle and took the game down. Until Sony or Nintendo comments on the matter, let us just go with that.

Here’s some gameplay on the title below:

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