Knockout City is a New Dodgeball-Inspired Multiplayer Game
"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball"
Knockout City
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EA Originals, the division which focuses on uplifting and publishing indie titles, has announced a new game by Velan studios called Knockout City. This team-based multiplayer game sees players relive their childhood dodgeball dreams through intense battles while mastering the art of throwing, catching, passing and dodging balls.


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Basically, Knockout City is all about avoiding being smacked in the face by a ball. The game features multiple game modes including 3v3, 4v4 and a free-for-all quick play mode called Street Play. Velan Studios says that competitive league play and private matches will also be available for the brawler at launch.

Knockout City sees players start each match at the same skill level. Characters are all the same and don’t feature different specific skill sets that stand out from one another. This forces players to master their own play style by learning new techniques to dodge, throw and avoid being hit by the ball.

Players can create their own Crews and customize the team, clothing, KO emotes and even the vehicle which they use to ride into battle. Each Crew can hold up to 32 players from across all gaming platforms. Players unlock new gear by simply playing the game and participating in a range of game modes available.

Knockout City

Velan Studios says that at launch Knockout City will include the full multiplayer experience. This includes five maps, one interactive environment where players can practice their skills. There are also six ball types, full character customization, cross-play, cross-progression, and various modes including Street Play with five starting playlists, League Play, Private Match, and the complete Street Rank Progression with hundreds of cosmetic items.

The studio says that there will be new content headed to the game in the months after launch including new season, maps, modes, limited-timed events and more. All of this content will be free.

Knockout City will host a free trial on Origin and Steam on 20 February 2021. The game will then launch on 21 May 2021 for PC and all consoles. Players who participate in the trial will be able to carry over their progress to the main game at launch.

Check out the trailer down below:






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