Knockout City is now officially free-to-play

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Knockout City
Knockout City is now officially free-to-play

Knockout City is now officially free-to-play as confirmed by developer Velan Studios. Knockout City launched last year in May for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, under the EA Originals banner as it was published by EA at the time.

Though, Velan Studios has since taken publishing duties over from EA and declared the “dodgebrawl” title as free-to-play. The developer stated that it would be peeling away from the paid-for structure when it started handling publishing duties, shifting to a free-to-play model with the introduction of its 6th Season.

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Since Season 6:City of Tomorrow is here, so is the free-to-play version of the title, which means you can now jump into the “dodgebrawler” without having to purchase it. The update brings with it a new Boomerang Ball, the Starfruit energy drink, as well as a sci-flyer crew vehicle, a permanent crew contract, an expanded hideout area, map improvements and more. You can read the official patch notes here.

Regarding cosmetics, there are three new “super-science” themed cosmetics as well as a new battle pass with free and premium tiers. The free version of the battle pass offers players a special Among Us crossover, new “Note 2 Self” legendary glasses, “Mini Crewmate” Legendary Hairstyle, “In Electrical!” Legendary Defeat Pose, and “Emergency Meeting!” Legendary Taunt. The paid version offers this plus new outfits, poses, trophies and Holobux.

Knockout City is now available to download – for free – on PC, Xbox (One and Series X/S), and PlayStation (4 and 5) as well as the Nintendo Switch. Since the title is now free-to-play, Velan Studios has confirmed that you no longer need Xbox Live Gold, PlayStation Plus or Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play online. Velan Studios has also promised players who purchased the game, either fully or through a subscription service, will receive the Loyalty Royalty Bundle.

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Source: Knockout City Patch Notes

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