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Known Leaker Streams Cryptic Video Ahead of PlayStation Showcase

Known leaker The Snitch recently streamed a cryptic video on Twitch ahead of the PlayStation Showcase later today. The stream only lasted for a few hours before it abruptly ended, though fans are stilll trying to figure out exactly what it was all about. The video in question simply showed a green triangle with smoke in the background.

The Snitch needs no introduction in the world of gaming leaks. The leaker has been very accurate in the past with their cryptic leaks that often appear shortly before major gaming events. Some believe that The Snitch is actually a YouTube employee that has access to trailers on the website’s backend before they go live, which could explain the timing of the leaks as well as the accuracy. The leaker was notably responsible for dropping the entire lineup of the last State of Play event hours before it aired.

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The time, The Snitch took to their personal Twitch account to stream a strange new video that got the internet talking. It’s hard to actually pull anything out of the tease, though that didn’t stop curious watchers from formulating some interesting theories.

The general consensus seems to be that the video was teasing something related to Metal Gear Solid, or more accurately, the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake. Rumours and reports about the remake have been heating up leading to the PlayStation Showcase later tonight so the green triangle with the smoking background might be somehow related to the game (Big Boss smoking a cigar? Green being the same colour palette often associated with Snake Eater?).

Other, more “out there” theories include Bloodborne 2, Knack 3 and Half-Life 3 because the internet has a sense of humour. If you ask us, we think the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake theories hold up the best.

The PlayStation Showcase airs later tonight at 10PM CAT or 1PM PT. Find out when and where to watch it right here.

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