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Known Ubisoft Leaker Quits Due to Alleged Lawsuits

Established Ubisoft leaker ScriptLeaksR6 has seemingly vanished online following impending lawsuits allegedly targeting them and their Discord. The leaker was infamously responsible for leaking Assassin’s Creed Mirage, being the first to report on its existence as well as leaking the game’s pre-order details back in September 2022. More recently, they leaked screenshots from the upcoming AAA game, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

ScriptLeaksR6 apparently datamined content from Ubisoft and uncovered all the leaked details that led them to earn their reputation. Needless to say, the leaker has been quite accurate in their track record. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like we can expect any more Ubisoft leaks from the individual as they have been purged from the internet. According to a source close to the leaker, the Discord server where others exchanged these leaks was also shut down pending an alleged lawsuit.

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Before vanishing, ScriptLeaksR6 stated that Ubisoft had yet to begin full development on Far Cry 7, which was leaked earlier this year by Insider Gaming. The report claimed that a standalone Far Cry multiplayer game was also in the works, though by the sound of things, it’s all still in the early stages of development.

“I’m not well-versed in datamining practices but from what I could understand, they were getting their info by reverse engineering black box software like the Ubisoft Connect app, so good night to the sweet prince, they will be missed,” said a Reddit user who first reported on the leaker’s disappearance, explaining how they were able to obtain the information.

It seems like Ubisoft might’ve intervened given the apparent lawsuits, though much of those details are being kept under wraps right now. It appears that the lawsuit may have less to do with the actual leaked content and more about the leaker illegally datamining Ubisoft. If the lawsuit is successful, this could signal other developers to also get legally involved with leakers who use similar methods to obtain private info.

Source: Reddit

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