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Kojima Explains Why He Rewrote Death Stranding 2’s Story After The Pandemic

Hideo Kojima has openly stated that the story for Death Stranding 2 had to be rewritten. The game director and owner of Kojima Productions revealed this during the game’s announcement during The Game Awards 2022. However, up to now, he hasn’t ever expressed why this was the case.

In an interview with Japanese entertainment news site Natalie, Kojima shared in-depth details regarding the story and the reason why it was rewritten. He claims that before the pandemic, he already had plans in place for Death Stranding 2 including the game’s story.

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Kojima says that when the pandemic hit, he had to restructure the entire script. He says that in the original game, the experience followed the story of “connection”. However as the pandemic took hold, digital connections like remote work gained prominence.

“I also realized that digital connections alone couldn’t satisfy human needs. We are inherently explorers. Right now, we’re dealing with seclusion and division, and the world is undergoing significant transformations. We can’t rewind to our pre-pandemic reality, so we’ve had to reassess the concept of ‘connection’. In Death Stranding 2, the interpretation of ‘strand’ evolves. You’ll notice, at the end of the teaser trailer, a message that says ‘Should We Have Connected?’ That’s the crux of what we’re trying to articulate in the sequel.”

So by the sound of things, Kojima is using the current state of the world and its fragmented structure as the influence for Death Stranding 2. Sort of like the effects the pandemic has had on the world and the way we function now after being forced to connect digitally for so long. While some people are working from home and have become more secluded, others have returned to normal.

The game might touch on the human need for physical connections and the effects the original game’s connections have caused on the world.

I am definitely excited about Death Stranding 2. The original game is one of the best experiences I have had in gaming.

Source: Natalie via VGC

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