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Kojima Productions Games are Coming to Apple Platforms

Kojima Productions and studio founder Hideo Kojima made a surprise appearance at Apple’s recent Worldwide Developers Conference to announce that all current and future games from the developer will be coming to Apple platforms, starting with Death Stranding on Mac later this year. Kojima spoke about his admiration for Apple and Mac at the conference, confirming the studio’s commitment to bring more titles to the platforms in the future.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut will be the first game from Kojima Productions to launch on Mac later this year, though a release date wasn’t nailed down. As for future games from the acclaimed studio, Death Stranding 2 is currently in development for PS5 as well as a leaked horror game titled Overdose. It’s unclear if these titles will also be coming to Apple platforms but it seems likely. Additionally, Kojima has also partnered with Xbox to work on a Cloud gaming project that has yet to be announced.

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Speaking at WWDC 2023, Kojima stated:

“I have been a die-hard Apple fan since I bought my first Mac back in 1994. It has been a dream of mine to see my team’s best work come to life on the Mac. Now we are entering a new era for gaming on the Mac. So, I’m very happy to announce that we are bringing Death Stranding: Director’s Cut to the Mac later this year. Death Stranding: Director’s Cut on the Mac takes full advantage of the latest Apple technologies to provide the best experience to our fans. I was blown away by the power of Apple silicon and Metal 3, with its modern rendering pipeline, and the amazing graphical fidelity delivered by MetalFX upscaling.”

In related news, Apple officially announced the Vision Pro at WWDC, a mixed reality headset that harnesses the capabilities of both VR and AR. You can read more about the headset right here.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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