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Kojima Productions Might Be Working on a PSVR 2 Game

Kojima Productions and Hideo Kojima might be working on a new, smaller project for PlayStation VR 2. According to Twitter account Oops Leaks, Kojima Productions reportedly received PSVR 2 prototypes back in November 2021, and have been quietly working on a new virtual reality experience.

The new PSVR 2 game from Kojima is purely based on speculation, though it’s possible considering that Kojima is always trying to push boundaries in gaming. Perhaps virtual reality is one avenue that the developer has yet to fully explore, despite trying some interesting social experiments with 2019’s Death Stranding.

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The full statement from Oops Leaks reads:

“Kojima Productions got PSVR2 prototypes back in November 2021. According to unconfirmed information that I’ve got, studio’s upcoming smaller project could be a VR game/experience in collaboration with award-winning Virtual Reality expert and storyteller Céline Tricart.”

Furthermore, Kojima is apparently also working with an award-winning storyteller and Virtual Reality expert named Celine Tricart. As with all rumours and speculation, take this with a grain of salt for now as nothing can be verified. However, seeing as this might be a smaller scale project than we’re used to seeing from Kojima Productions, PSVR 2 seems like an ideal fit for a side project.

It’s rumoured that Kojima has already begun working on his next AAA project, which many believe could either be a sequel to Death Stranding, a revival of Silent Hills or another potential new Silent Hill game. The latter is simply be based on odd teases (and a report last year from Gematsu claiming that this is the case).

Meanwhile, Death Stranding Director’s Cut recently received a PC release date, coming to both Steam and Epic Games Store, along with several improvements and enhancements for the platform.

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Source: Oops Leaks

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