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Kojima Shelved a Game Concept Due to Its Similarity to The Boys

Hideo Kojima recently revealed that he shelved a game concept due to it being similar to Amazon Prime’s hit superhero TV show, The Boys. Speaking in some detail on a twitter thread, Kojima explained that he originally envisioned a project similar to The Boys and that it would star Death Stranding actor Mads Mikkelsen.

The concept, according to Kojima, would’ve involved a detective duo who face off against superpowered heroes behind the scenes. The Boys tells a similar story about a group of people who vow to kill superheroes who have become corrupt with power and fame.

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Kojima added that the project would’ve probably featured Mads Mikkelsen, who previously worked with the game director on Death Stranding, as the lead character of this shelved idea.

The Boys began airing on Amazon Prime in 2019, so it likely would’ve been Kojima’s next project after Death Stranding. However, it looks like that’s no longer on the table.

Kojima and his studio, Kojima Productions, recently confirmed a partnership with Xbox to develop a new Cloud-based game, though stopped short of revealing any more information about the title. It’s also rumoured that Kojima is working on a horror game called Overdose starring Death Stranding‘s Margaret Qualley. Whether these two projects are actually linked is anyone’s guess.

Actor Norman Reedus also accidentally leaked his involvement in Death Stranding 2, which apparently entered development recently at Kojima Productions and PlayStation.

Meanwhile, The Boys has now entered its third season since debuting on Amazon Prime. Coming from Supernatural producer Eric Kripke, The Boys presents a refreshing spin on tired superhero tropes by making the protagonists the “bad guys” out to kill the unjust and corrupt superheroes of the world, who are all satirically modelled after DC’s Justice League.

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